Saturday, February 23, 2008

Habit? Addiction? I can't stop!!

It's our night-time routine. We tuck the girls in...start their lullaby CD...and give them big hugs...Then, Pup and I get all cozy and comfy...lights dim down and we start the DVR.

"Hello, Miss Menaka!" said Aanandi, the reporter who just arrived at the huge mansion. "Well, hello Miss Aanandi" replied Menaka with a high and mighty attitude. "I am here to take your interview for our Newspaper", says Aanandi.
M: "Well, I simply gave you an appointment to know more about your Paper. I will decide what goes on in our meeting, not you!"
A: "You know? You cannot insult me! I am a reporter. You may be a multi-national tycoon, but my time is just as valuable as yours. I have waited more than two months to get this appointment, for what? To hear you insult me?"
M: "Hey! Stop it! This is my place and you will listen to me. I should say I admire your courage though! Talking to me like that! I like that in a woman. So what do you want?"
A: "I have heard accusations about your business tactics. I am going to write about it in my paper. I am giving you a chance to clear your name."
M: All flustered, "T..T...That's B.S.! (and she uses Blasphemy here, with no censor!) And I am not going to talk to you. I have no need to!"
A: "I have proof. And you can't insult me like this. My time is very valuable too. I am giving you a chance to tell your side of the story!"
M: "You cannot just write whatever you want. Just because you say something, doesn't mean its true. I do not need this! Who has been feeding you these false accusations about me?"
A: "I follow good ethics and cannot tell you who my source is!"
M: "I do not need to hear this! I want you to leave."
A: "I am a reporter. A good and decent one. I have heard one side of the story, and I am giving you a chance to tell me its not true that you have used people and grown so big using cheap tactics and fraud. And when the Americans and British started putting pieces of your fraudulent techniques together, you wrapped up your business and moved to Chennai to continue your dirty work."
M: "Hm...I know who has been feeding you all this information! It must be that X. He's drunk all the time and you trust his words?"
A: "All I'm saying is I want to give you a chance to tell me if this is true"....

And this dialogue continued for maybe another 5 minutes (5 seconds for me, thanks to my DVR).
If you haven't already guessed what I'm talking about, it's the "Mega"-series, Kolangal (meaning Rangoli) that I'd like to call Torture!

I must be a masochist to be inflicting this pain every single week night for over 3 years now! You heard me right, sista! THREE YEARS! I have to know what happens every single episode!! We (pup and I) usually tape it and watch the supposedly 30-minute episodes in just under 3 minutes! No kidding! I sometimes watch just the Ads and fast-forward the entire episode.
We just can't stand the sub-standard quality of the script, the story-line, or anything about it! Nothing is real in this story! And the lead character, Abi has faced the worst situtations over and over and over and over (you get the drill) again! I have truly believed at least 5 times that this sob story is coming to a definite end, but no! History, or should I say Misery Repeats itself.

BUT I CAN JUST NOT STOP WATCHING IT!! Pup has gotten better and is happy to get a 30-second narrative from the 3-minutes that I watch. Most days all I have for him is "Nothing new happened today!". Pup keeps teasing me that he is gonna disconnect Sun TV someday and I throw back unspeakable ultimatums at him!

Anyways, most secrets/suspenses in the story are out in the open. The only thing left is to finally see Abi rise up the ladder and win over the "villains". I will update you in a couple of years!


Anonymous said...

Adiye, thevaiya... I know just what you mean tho' the pull of addiction ... to see or not to see, that is the question! just like the cashew mysorepak that is calling to me right now... i say, adiye thevaiya and move on now but sooner or later i'll convince myself that it has my name on it, goddarn it, so if i eat it now there wont be any left to tempt me again... hmmmm!!!! will soon be yummmm!!!
then there's the matter of the Friday breakfasts and the bday cakes and ... i keep fruits on my desk to warn me off those, but who am i kidding?
no apple's
gonna win me over like those bagels,
that banana
will stay on my desk till MaƱana.
But still... get a grip! lay off those will ya :) :)

Preethi said...

Oh my god Kolangal... my MIL used to watch that... and I would run from the room every time it came on!! And you are addicted to it too.. oh poor you!!!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

anonymous: (that's from my sis-S). i want to, god knows i do! just can't :(
Thanks for stopping by :)
Preethi: I hear ya! Both sets of parents are hooked! I started watching with my mom after I delivered T2, and used to constantly ridicule her for watching...and three years later, its now my turn to be ridiculed at!

Anonymous said...

Thank God For DVR, I dont have to be subjected to it, when MIL watches anymore. But her biggest favourite is Anandam and she might explode if we ask her to switch to DVR mode and watch it when we aren't around :) !!. My only complaint is the volume level of the entire SUNTV or is it my MILs hearing ?, i would say SUNTV :). the volume goes up and down during ads and episodes that it is a racket when that thing is on !!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...
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Anonymous said...

acytually kolangal is very draggy...... the only character i like the most after all the painstaking episoides is Menaka..... Shes hot and bloody well knows how to use her brain to make things work to her will... cool