Monday, February 4, 2008


This one is about a thought to ponder from the last episode of the Fox Drama.

I've decided to refer to my husband as "Pup". It's one of the sweet-nothing-names we call each other when the sailing is smooth (if you know what I mean)! Recently one of my sisters discovered this and now a good friend of my husband did (darn forwarded emails)!! Since our 11+ year old secret is out in the open, I might as well broadcast it...

So anyways, Pup and I have a quirk - House! We are really hooked on to this show. Even if an episode is mediocre, we love it! Pup recently broke a toe. And, I really think he's enjoying the "limp" so he can feel like Gregory House, the lead character :)

In the last episode of house, a guest character called Dr.Cate Milton tells Dr.Wilson that she had her colleagues check his credibility/character! If you watch House, you know that Wilson is House's best friend - He is a very caring, decent person and does nothing untoward, unless it is to tease or annoy House!

Wilson is suprised when he learns that Cate trusts House but not him. Her reply to that is something to think about! She says everyone takes House at face value. He is a jerk and he does nothing to hide it. But Wilson being so nice makes her wonder if he is hiding something!

This conversation made me think -
Is it the really nice, or should I say seemingly nice people we should worry about??
Do genuinely caring people exist? Are they for real?
Or, Is it all about your perceptions? and Expectations?
No Expectations = No Disappointments, right?

I suppose it's all relative!

-Your GirlNextDoor


DotMom said...

pup, is it?????? OKAAAAY. I think the thing about House is true.. every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him! When BigGeek was limping after his ACL surgery... he grew a stubble and pretended he was House :)

Its all Relative said...

Dotmom: LOL!

GettingThereNow said...

Came here through Dotmom's blog. I must be nice to have a blogging buddy live right next door. But what will you guys do should you have a squabble and want to blog about it? :P

I am a "House" fan too!!! And I saw the episode you wrote about - I had the exact same thoughts!!

From my personal experiences - specially with MIL - I am extra wary of sugar sweet people. And I am not kidding at all! If anyone is extra kind/sweet to me when they first meet me (dripping with seetness kind :P) it sets off all sorts of warning bells in my mind and I can never trust that person.

Its all Relative said...

gettingtherenow: Absolutely true!!
If DotMom and I have a squabble (god forbid), I guess we'll just write about it :)

Kyna said...

Keep up the good work.