Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I’m an only child – not!

T1 is in Kindergarten and they have this thing called “Star of the week”, where every kids gets a week to be the star of the class.
Aka more work for mommy!
We had to make a chart about her (she actually did a lot of the writing/drawing herself).
Dad printed a couple of photos to add to the chart (one of all 4 of us, and one of t1 and t2).
Then every day of the week there is a special activity –
Monday – she got to wear whatever she liked (no uniform).
Tuesday – she got to pick a friend to eat lunch with (she made us cry when she told us about her choice – she pick this super-hyper kid who always gets himself into trouble with the law...i mean..teacher! The reason she picked him was cos he has the least friends and she wanted to make him feel nice)! Is she really six years old?
Wednesday – special snack of her choice (we have to send in). Being a bad-weather day today, we moved it to Friday.
Thursday – she can bring a movie/game to share (we decided to go with “A bug’s life”)

And, we had to send 4 artifacts about her – Birth bracelet from the hospital, 0-1yr picture frame (will post this sometime), Kumon trophy (yeah! me got sucked into Kumon), and her ice-skating camp shirt.

So Anyways…When I helped her carry the chart and artifacts to her class on Monday, her teacher shyly asked who the little girl in the picture is!
When I told her she is T1’s little sis, she was surprised!! She had no idea that T1 has a sister!
She thought all along that T1’s an only-child.
At first I thought that was hilarious!
But, this has been bothering me all week….
How can this be?
T1 is a big chatterer. She can talk for hours about everything or nothing and not be tired – like most 6 year olds!
I’m completely staggered that she has never once mentioned T2 to her teacher!
It’s a given that there is some built-up sibling rivalry, but is it bad?

T1’s showing great signs of accepting her little sis. There are good and not-so-good moments, but overall they are a good pair. Or so I hope!
She’s been an awesome helper of late, esply in the crazy morning hours.
She helps wake T2 up (which has to be done very tactfully), we do NOT want T2 waking up on the wrong side of the bed!
She sets T2’s brush and paste ready when she does hers, they SO lovingly hug each other when watching a movie, she patiently teaches her the alphabet and numbers, and so much else!
Does she do all that to make us think she’s OK about T2?

I know deep down she cares for her – right?

She is a typical child who needs a sibling! She even asks us for another one!
(Which is not happening!)

I hope we are doing the right things to make them bond unconditionally like we want them to!
I suppose we should simply wait this one out, but not without a LOT of hard work from our side!


DotMom said...

I am so not surprised that T1 chose the guy with least friends... she is a very affectionate girl, who has an uncanny sense of justice.

About not mentioning T2.. well I suppose she would have had T2 been the older sister..I don't think its sibling just don't about younger siblings like that..they are babies in the end and really have no place in 6-yr olds all grown up world :) That being said, I know how protective T1 is of T2.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Dotmom: I was pretty surprised cos even the previous nite she was deciding to choose between three of her good desi friends whom she mostly hangs out with, and no mention of this boy! I am gald she made that choice for the reasons!

And about T1/T2 - I hope you are right about T1's affection for T2. Thanks for pointing that out!

Preethi said...

That was so nice about eating with the boy who has least friends.. she is a wonderful child!! So thoughtful and affectionate.. As for not mentioning T2.. I don't think I mentioned my sister often when I was young.. it had nothing to do with sibling rivalry.. its just the way it is like dotmom says!

Its Our Space said...

Wow ! She has not mentioned her little sister once ? I thought the little ones are like trophies these 5-6 yr olds proudly show off. Never know their deep thought process:)

thanks for dropping by my,ahem,blog.i will take up the tag soon :)

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

preethi: thanks for stopping by! i hope it's just the way it is like u and Dotmom have said! i'm the youngest of 4 sisters, so i guess by the time i was born, it became a common thing :)
itsOurSpace: i suppose if she were 4-5 when T2 was born, that may have been the case.
look forward to learning more about you from the Tag

noon said...

Wow - am stunned by why she chose that boy...amazing that a six year old can be so sensitive and sweet...Gosh, I would have teared up at that!