Saturday, February 28, 2009

The disclosure

So, here's what happened after the casual chat that I overheard...

Almost a whole year passed us by, when one day my sisters (H and U) approached me. I distinctly remember those "few" minutes. I was watching TV. The looks on their face had a blend of excitement, a look of "should we or shdn't we tell", "what will she reply!", mostly excitement.
I could tell something was up. I was first worried that I was in trouble for something...That's what these confrontations usually meant :P
They did not shilly-shally. They couldn't wait to tell me and find out what I had to say. The words came right out!

"So, What do you think of Pup?" They asked.

If I were clueless, I'd have asked "Why??"

I was not clueless, but I was unsuspecting too. I wonder now what would have happened if I told them the truth about me checking him out for a whole year! Oh, that would have been fun! But that's not what happened. At that point in time, I really looked** up to them. I wouldn't dare to talk to them disrespectfully! Forget dissing them off, I had only "just" started sharing "PG 13 jokes" with sis-U.

So them asking me about Pup with such a direct question totally threw me off!
But I was cautious. Smart.
I said, "Oh! He's o...k...!" That came off in a VERY uninterested tone. They had no idea what happened in my mind during that seemingly long second!

"You know what?"...And they told me about the match-making scheme.

These are the "few" minutes I remember. For the life of me, I cannot remember what happened next! Part of the reason I don't remember is because an Illayaraja Hit Number from Varusham Padinaaru was playing in my mind - only, Karthik and Khushboo were swapped with Pup and me.
OK, exaggeration... But I really cannot remember what happened next! Can't think of a better explanation :)

In fact, like announcing life-changing events on National Television, I'm going to ask my darling sisters for the first time, finally(!) after all these years - their recollection of the incident.

Girls, care to indulge your lil sis?

To be continued...

**I still look up to my three sisters, BUT I'm more open with them now, count on them terribly, I yell at them often, argue and fight and the whole shebang.