Wednesday, February 13, 2008

From A-Z

A-Available? Me? No! But I do know a few people with cool Zodiacs who are ;)
B-Best friend:Is Not Available!
C-Cake or Pie? Cakes are my Best Friend!!

D-Drink of choice: Cake or Pie!
(I eat em like I drink water).
E-Essential thing used everyday: Definitely my drink of choice!
– Water.
F-Favourite colour: that of my essential thing used everyday, with a little pink lemondade?
G-Gummi bears or worms: Neither – The only kind we buy are gummy bear vitamins (T2 even has her favorite color)!
H-Hometown: A place that has few gummy bears, but boy! loads of worms – hot, humid, beautiful Chennai “maanagaram” (aka Metro).
I-Indulgence: A trip to my Hometown, sigh! It’s been over 4 years now!!
J-January or February: February of course – it’s the month of Indulgence, what with V-Day and all!
K-Kids and names: 2 girls – T1 and T2… Tho January or February would have been cool names!
L-Life – Mine seems like its all (almost all) about my Kids, I’d like to include the big kid in that list.
M-Marriage date: 14th is the date...Seems like my whole Life
N-Number of siblings: Simple question…but a complicated answer! They are a lot of things to me, to name a few - they become my mommy, my Boxing bag (where I lash out and not worry about any damage), my reason for wanting to lash out (when they tell me the truth and not what I want to hear), the reason my Marriage Date moved up a year (had to find a way to use that) by planning a trip to India together (which was a mammoth task),.
Not considering all that, it’s 3.
O-Oranges or apples: Both, only if someone cuts and serves em to me…I give up! I can’t seem to find a way to use Number of Siblings here…Wait! I just did!! Cool!
P-Phobias: Oranges and Apples, cos I am not getting enof in my diet, and that scares me!
Q-Quote: Single or double? They’ve always been my phobias for they are short sentences with HUGE meaning!
R-Reason to smile: Any funny Quote or PJ, or a "Kadi" Joke – be it from great philosophers or from my little Tees or from Pup (let me share a recent one from pup – He asked me what the advantage of standing and sleeping is…of course I do not know…and he says…you don’t have to get up! What a PJ! but funny :)
S-Season: Where I live right now, we sometimes see all 4 seasons and maybe more in one day, so I shd say “Spring-like” and “Fall-Like” are always two reasons for me to smile!
T-Tag three people: Looks like tis the season to be tagging…I tag Preethi , Its our space , and Timepass
U-Unknown fact about me: I accept I'm a little blog-challenged now...I had no clue what to do when Dotmom tagged me, or when I was asked to Tag Three People.
V-Vegetable you do not like: I was trying to figure this one, and I learnt an unknown fact about me-self - I think I eat all vegetables (unless it’s something I’ve never seen/used)...
W-Worst habit: I lie when asked about Vegetable I do not like – oops!
X-x-rays you have had: Teeth and lungs. How the heck do I link X-rays and Worst Habit!? I’m too far in this to revamp the effort!
Y-Your favorite food: Nothing after a dental x-ray! Have a lotta fav-foods, particularly - a good Eggplant-parm sandwich – anytime!
Z-Zodiac: Taurus, do all Taureans have as many favorite foods like I do??


Preethi said...

It was good fun reading all about you!! I loved the previous post about the SAHM too... I am a SAHM now for the past 2 years.. and I am always having similar thoughts both ways...
btw.. I have done this tag already Here

DotMom said...

hahahahahhaha. Good one!!!!! Very crative. loved the PJ.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Preethi: Oops! Sorry, Looks like I have a lot of blogs to catch up on!!
Dotmom: Yeah always comes up with such PJs when u least expect it!

noon said...

Cool way to do this!

Timepass said...

Tag already done dear...