Sunday, February 17, 2008

President's Day

Today is a Holiday for most folks around here to celebrate the birthday of President George Washington. I've taken the day off. I'm so glad I did because I have more time to work with T1 on a Project. Yeah, you heard it right! My dear Kindergartener's first real "graded" project! We have to (I mean, "she" has to) do a report on President Ford. This includes a chart about Ford, with pictures and some key facts. She also has to give a speech about him for a couple of minutes!
Over the past couple of weeks, I've been talking to her about Ford.
I am not sure she really understands what "pardon" is, let alone the infamous Nixon pardon. She is mostly interested in finding more about the crimes behind the Watergate Scandal! Now, how do you explain something so intense to a six year old?
Once I somehow overcame that, she was curious about his death! "Is he dead?" she asked. Then came "How did he die? Was he shot?"...
Apparently, the entire class seems to be interested in just that! Some of the kids gave their presentation last week. The most popular question from the cute and curious 5 and 6 year old audience was about how and when each President died :)
She has it in her head that all dead Presidents were shot!
Becoming a President is now off of her list of careers now :)
As much fun as it has been to spend time with her to work on this report, I feel it is a lot to expect from these little kids! It's been a challenge to thrust all of this information to her and have her write it (the report has to be pencil-written by the kids).
I dread to think what middle and high school will be like!!


noon said...

Oh my God - don't tell me I have all this homework to do as a parent when my kid starts KG! No no no, I don't want to do any more homework! :)

DotMom said...

Ford? Why Ford?? Next time I am gonna tell t1 to swap for a umm.. more umm.. saner president :)

I can't believe I'll be help with Chip's projects in 2 more years.

Preethi said...

Oh my.. all these projects are for the parents .. Gawdd.. I will be there in a couple of years.. maybe sooner? ouch!!
I love the way they want to know about the deaths!! lol

Anonymous said...

i'm girl-next-door's sis, U ... i was thinking for a long time to get a cool id like one of urs (dotmom etc.) but my mind wasnt working and i felt girl-next-door's sis is good enuff :) (or maybe girl-next-state of girl-next-door since im a few states from VA... :)).... (Now u know why I cant start a blog... I can go off-topic for hours together...)

i'm feeling prouder by the day reading about my sweet nieces T1 and T2.. So glad girl-next-door is doing this. We hardly talk anymore since its either homework time for my kids or for t1/t2 and ofcourse the usual running around..

i need to learn more about Ford from T1... Frankly, i'm very sure at this point, she will know more about him than me. The only Ford news I can talk about is that GM cars have been getting better ratings than the Toyotas - a big breakthru in the auto industry after a belief of many many years that only Japanese cars are good. BTW, you may have guessed who I work for.. (See, again, I went off-topic..).

Anyways, WAY TO GO, girl-next-door and co., this is very cool indeed.... Its always a pleasure reading about T1 and T2.

Amber Alfaro said...

It only gets worse! :-) I don't even understand my 3rd graders homework sometimes..but then again it's mostly in spanish. :-) Good luck!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

My thanks to all the new-comers for stopping by and leaving a comment!
Noon: Our county has only 3-hour Kindergarten programs, so T1 is continuing in the same private school this year. I am hoping that the next few years will be a tad easier (for me)...
DM: :) yes, you will!! and you know what? it was well worth the effort! The kids did really well...
Preethi: I guess it their age - wanting to know all about the "dark" sides of everything :)
Anonymous: (soon to be introduced as my sis-U), your comments were hilarious!! I'm so glad you work there, I got a great deal on our new beamer :)
Amber: rough times ahead, huh?? I hope I manage to add some fun to it!!

The TAAMommy said...

She is in KinderGarten right ? Is this a public school, oh my, cant even think of doing so much work for the kid for a school project. So far, T's private montessori does not bother me with anything. But my twins montessori - they are constantly asking me to get something for the goodybags they give out for every sundry occassion or asking to cook a dish for some potluck. !! Time to change them to T's montessori !!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

TAAMommy: Yup, all this trouble for a kindergartener!

UPDATE - She scored a 100 for all the trouble! Guess it was worth it :)