Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And A Partridge in a Pantry…!

…That’s how “The Twelve days of Christmas” ends, at least according to T2.
As much as she amazes us with her knowledge of things as a 3-year old, she amuses us constantly with her baby-talk!

Ever since I wrote the Stay-At-Home Post, I’ve realized how much I dwell on the sighs and sobs of motherhood. Also, I haven't yet written an exclusive on T2 - bad me.

So, I’m going to take a moment to think back about some of T2’s clowning around before she gets all “growed up” on us…
I see it happening already when I see her mature comments –

“I can’t believe we’re going out again”
she sighed, when we stepped out of the house for the nth time on a frenzied Saturday!
Or, when the other day, when she heard a song on Radio Disney, she cried out loud,
“That’s the Jonas Brothers, amma!” SAY WHAT???
Then again, she sings about a partridge in a “pantry”.
We’re finally at a point where we can bravely eat out and come back in one piece…(Spewing out some anti-jinx “Thoos” here).
The other day we were dining at a relatively quiet restaurant when all of sudden she sang out loud:
“Two Turtle Ducks, and a Partridge in a Paaaantryyy!”
(If you haven’t heard it before, the song actually goes – “…two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree…”

She can talk about a lot of amazing things, but gets stumped when she’s asked a question.
Her classic answers include “Snack” (Question: What did you eat for lunch today?) and “I’m fine” (Q: How old are you?)

Have you heard toddlers mix up the contexts of “you” and “I” by precisely reproducing what we say to them?
Both T1 and T2 have kept our laughing bones busy so often with questions like “Can I help you?” (Can you help me?)
T2’s timeless one when she was about 18 months old was
“Can I you me?” (Can I have what you have?)
The most unique gibberish from T2 is the way she adds a “T” –
She loves to add a T to words – brush = brushT; wash = washT; juice = juicT
But then, a few months ago she heard a rumble and said all terrified,
“Appa! I hear HUNDER!!”
Ever since V-day last month, she loves wishing us "Happy Valentine's Day!"
It's become synonymous to "I love you"...
When I get back from work these days, I get greeted with a beautiful smile, a big huggie, and she says,
"Amma, I'm so glad you're back...Happy Valentine's Day!"
In your own words, Happy Valentine's Day to you too honey-bunch!


Anonymous said...

wow - that was so cute... cant wait to see her.. not sure if its a second kid syndrome but we hear a lot of gibberish from s2 too... i think its because they want to keep up with their older sibling and try to say whatever they say... best to me was her answer for 'how old r u'. and happy valentines day to her from sis-u..

Preethi said...

Simply adorable!!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Sis-U: Yeah, it's been months now! Hope we can get together sometime soon!
Totally agree with the second kid syndrome :)
Preethi: I thought you'd stop visiting me...Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I like her version, it sounds better, what were they thinking 'in a pear tree'?!!
for a while now, the timbaland tune 'too late to apologize' has been ringing in my ears, but guess what? its gonna be the 12 days of xmas now...
the other day, when we saw three lil girls playing, my little pony was saying, mom can we adopt t2... u better watch out, if she reads this, it may become a reality.
Vday everyday!! i love it! or should I say: I V it?

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Sis-S: LOL :)
That's so cute about your little Pony's comment!!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post! I am all for having evey day as a v-day:)

Sraikh said...

My 3 year old does alot of funny mixups.
Found you through Preethi's post

DotMom said...

lol!!! god look at her all growed up :) Have missed the girls so much while I was away!