Saturday, March 15, 2008

Summer Daze

Yes, the Summer Days are coming soon and with them they bring in a whole lot of daze!
I’m talking about the daze I’m in while planning for summer camp!
It’s not even funny! The hours are 9-11AM for good Tennis camps (what is that supposed to mean!?!), or 5-6 hours a day for other speciality camps.
Some of them don’t even offer aftercare, and the ones that do, offer it for an exorbitant amount!!!
Of course, there are the county camps which cost the least AND have great hours.
But we weren't totally thrilled with them last year. They are managed by older teens for the most part, the kids spend a LOTTTTTA time playing in the scorching outdoors and come home B A K E D! There's also the marks (literally) from "pityriasis alba" to think about...!
Also, they stay in a mixed age group setting, which comes with its own set of pros and cons.
The best pro about it was T1 became very independent and responsible during the brief time she attended the camps last year.
That was a huge change for us!!

But the downside is she also learned language and words that she shouldn’t learn yet!
We’ve still not heard her say the real taboo words, at least not when we’re around!?
It’s not just bad language, it’s the “I may be five, but I’m running 25” attitude and the body-language that comes with it.
I’m not ready for that – not yet!

For now, we have decided that we will keep the County camps as a last resort.

This year, we have narrowed down to two different mostly-indoor camps. A few of us have planned to sign-up our kids together, so they won't be alienated. Both camps are a little out of the way, but I hope it works out better than last year!

Maybe in another couple of years, I'll know exactly where to sign-up and just have to be prompt when the registrations open!

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DotMom said...

I think T1 shold be ok this year with the older teenage camp counsellors..