Saturday, August 9, 2008

T2 before 4

T2 just turned 4 and I am making a desperate attempt to recapture her past year(s) before they fade away. "Desperate attempt" because I am realizing how much I've forgotten already! And, due to lack of time (Excuses! Excuses!!) am spreading them out in multiple posts over this month.

So here goes -

I’ll start with the Ugly first and then move on to the Bad and then the Good…Save the best for last, right?

T2, The Screamer
Expect it when you least expect it! The screams come with little warning and stay for a good while. Sometimes they are triggered by the slightest change, and often times the “real” triggers are the classic ones – hunger, sleep, and tiredness. She goes into an irrational fit of crying. She pretty much freezes, unable to stop the flowing tears.
She doesn’t get violent or fall on the floor kicking all around. Only relentless tears…
As they say kids do not have the same inhibitions or control as adults. But we’re getting bigger and better at using words and not screams to convey our thoughts and feelings. Even a few months ago we used to have more frequent and long-lasting episodes .
Our favorite way to deal with our crying episodes of late is to shoo away the monster-king. Because only monsters scream and we do not want to become a monster, we want to remain as T2…so we shoo the monster-king away.
It’s a work in progress and I sure have to admit that we have come long ways since the same time last year.
This is pretty much the only thing that qualifies as Ugly. (I know I’m gonna be lashed at for using “ugly”, but hey the truth is the truth no matter which way you say it).

We have a couple of Bads worth mentioning.

T2, The addict
Her Thumb-Sucking started at about 4 months of age. We had to start her in a daycare, a home-based daycare that T1 used to go to when she was little. With all the things that come out of being away from home, sucking her thumb started right after. At that point, we did not do much to stop the comforting habit that she discovered. Can’t really call it “discovered”, we witnessed her sucking her thumb when she was a 5-month old fetus. That’s right! Her sonogram revealed her already developing habit!
We couldn’t do much about it anyways, she caught on strong and fast and being away from her for such long hours during the day did not help much. (Insert Terrible Guilt). If there was one good thing that came out of it, it is the fact that she lulled herself to sleep with the rigorous thumb-sucking.
As always the notorious distraction is the only thing that works.
She became 1, 2, then 3 years old and this habit only got more and more intense. What began as a self-lullaby developed into an involuntary action when she is bored or tired. After a visit to a dentist when she turned 3, she kept saying “Doctor saiiiiiid, No Sucking your thumb” and would take her thumb out. Pretty soon, she started repeating her statement and would promptly start sucking her thumb again. The effect wore off!
We once tried to wrap her thumb with a piece of cloth. She was so distressed at the sight of it, that we could not see her face like that for more than 15 LONG minutes. Nothing should be this hard!
We also tried using nail-polish as a means. I refused to apply nail polish on her thumb to prevent her eating any of it! She could not stand to see the asymmetry of the lone unpainted finger! She was “Monk”-ing about it (after the USA Network show called Monk) so much that we gave in and painted her finger. Soon she wanted it off as she figured that her obsession with symmetry ranked way, way below her addiction to suck her thumb!
So there you go! Both Painted and unpainted nails did not work for us.

Our big worries in addition to her jutting palate is what they say about thumb-suckers and low-confidence!

If you have any miracle tricks that have worked for you, do let us know!!

Until then, we’re gonna need all our resolve to work on diversion and distraction and hope that it does not affect her personality.

To be continued...


noon said...

Hey GND - Don't feel guilty about the thumb sucking - I am home with KG but she is still a thumb sucker - so it has nothing to do with mom being away at work. I don't see it as a problem - KB used to use the pacifier until 7m of age - I felt if it comforts him I am going to give it...same with KG - if it comforts her, I will not keep pulling her thumb out - I feel she will give it up eventually. I think Poppin's mom used some cream that worked in breaking the habit - you should ask her...
Look forward to the rest of the posts on T2!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@noon: Thanks for the pointer. Will certainly ask Poppin's mom!

DotThoughts said...

you gorgot the good parts. not fair. better edit the post before T2 starts to read :) I think they sell a thumb guard somewhere.. its supposed to be pretty effective.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@Dottie: Will look for the thumb guard too...Found the name of the cream that noon talked about in Poppin's mom's blog...Next time someone comes from india (hint, hint) i'll have to ask :)

I'm not even done with the "Bad" stuff yet...
You know me, I'm not as consistent as you all are... I'll hopefully complete this series (with some detours) before the next bday in the family :)
It's all in the making tho...(See the "To be Continued" at the end)