Monday, August 25, 2008

29 pokes later...

Sigh! What a long evening!! And for what? To find out that T1 has a whole slew of allergies again!
T1's home this last week of summer vacation before the hectic back to school life begins for all of us! I was working from home today, with Pup being outta town for work. I wasn't sure if I should leave T2 home with in-laws for the doc appt! I kinda had a familiar hunch that it's gonna be a while before we can get back, and mil and fil may not be able to handle T2 for that long. Esply with T2 already going through a change - transitioning to Pre-K...I wasn't sure how she'd be.
So, I picked up T2 about a quarter to five, gave her some milk, and rushed off to re-visit the almost forgotten allergist's office after 3 years!
Ya, the last time we had T1 tested was when she was about 3 1/2! She was allergic to peanuts then. There were conflicting results in blood vs. skin test for other nuts, so we pretty much stayed off of all nuts, esply after she had reactions a couple of times.
Once last summer after taking a bite of kaju katli (which she has eaten before with no problems)! And again to walnuts - once from contact, and once an accidental ingestion. Fortunately, the amount was very, less and all we needed each time was a bit of Benadryl to do the trick.

With her entering the Public schools next week, and me attending a "back-to-school" night last week with the local FAAN chapter, I started getting anxious! Too much information can be scary, don't you agree?
So, I made an appointment with the allergist right away.
And picked up T2 and reached there just in time earlier today. Seeing a full waiting room at 5.00PM is not a good sign at all! It took an hour just to see the nurse. But, the waiting room had a kewl school-bus-toy that you can sit in and play...So the hour was not bad to kill at all!
It was the next 30 minutes in the patient-room between seeing the nurse and the doc, and the 15 minutes wait after 29 pricks that were the most difficult. Not to mention the time talking to the doc to discuss the results and plan of action.
T1 was very brave when the nurse pricked in one allergen after another. She started itching though...and was not supposed to scratch, of course. So we held hands playing word games to get her mind off as I watched one prick swell up after another, while T2 was drawing away.
So, yeah! We're back to being positive for most Tree nuts (except hazelnuts).
Like I use hazelnuts everyday!
Cashews and Walnuts were huge, so were peanuts and a slew of tree-pollen, dander, mold, weeds, and cat dander.
When T1 found out she was not allergic to dogs, she told me, "I KNEW IT! See I told you?" What? When??? 6 year olds!!
At least it's one less thing to argue about - having a cat is ruled out - Yippee!!

I have now gotta meet the School Nurse and make a Health Plan - as in what to do in case of an exposure!
I've been a bit relaxed over the past few years because most of her nut-allergies were seemingly history.
So, now it's back to worrying about her safety and wellness.

The allergist recommended allergy shots - once a week for 6 weeks, and then once a month for 3-5 years! Say that again?
We're seriously contemplating going to see a doc who practices the BIOSET variation of the NAET technique. Cuz-P had amazing results last year with little D's food allergies. It's expensive, but if it works, it's worth it!

Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Whats the BIOSET thing?
I have heard of NAET but dont really seem to "believe" in it.

My youngest(turning 2 in Oct) is allergic to<--are you ready for this-->
Wheat, soy,cow's milk,nuts,eggs,fish..yup I almost died when we did the RAST test and again when we did the prick test.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Yikes!! No, I'm not ready for that! I really hope he outgrows them soon (at least wheat, soy, eggs...Geez ALL)!!
I know what you mean about being skeptical of the NAET and BIOSET (which is very similar)...
But having seen results first-hand with my niece, i can't not believe!
Her wheat and a bunch of other allergens turned from +ve to -ve in a week. She used come out of a grocery store scratching from exposure to wheat...and now "eats" wheat on a regular basis!
It is expensive (not covered by insurance), but I'm planning to try it out.

DotThoughts said...

what a brutal test!!! T1 is a brave girl indeed... Have you tried homeopathy?

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@dottie: homeopathy is definitely another option...prolly a less expensive one too...
we've never tried it to cure her allergies, only used ars-alb or other hyland's and boiron's combination remedies when her symptoms flare up.
Also gave her pankaja kasturi for months last year, and prolly why her wheezing episodes were so less this spring.
will start that too now.
But, I really think it's time to go to a real alternative-therapy doctor :)
I'm no way doing those allergy shots, not if I can help it!

GettingThereNow said...

Awwwww! So sorry to hear that the allergies returned with a vengeance. T1 is so very brave! Tell her I would have cried BEFORE the pricks - I am that big a chicken!

What is BIOSET and NAET?

And Dottie already asked but I'll ask again - have you considered homeopathy? Do try that if you can. You can probably even try it in parallel with other things as it doesn't interfere with anything.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@Ceekay: Looks like we're up catching up on fellow-bloggers' posts :)

Homeopathy is definitely an option. sis-H recommended a doc whom I'll be talking to pretty soon...
we're HUGE on homeopathy in this house-hold :)
In the meantime, i've scheduled an appt with a BioSET practitioner...
it uses what's called enzyme therapy to help our bodies find a natural way to heal...will know more after this weekend.
I really hope it works out well for her seasonal allergies, if not her nut allergies...

T1 sure has been a trooper...don't wanna push it be doing the allergy shots :)

btw, in reply to our long-running Kumon comment - Math Level C is going great so far. She seems to enjoy multiplication far better than she did addition and subtraction...
also, we're planning to stop Reading after a month - it's way past her grade level and we seriously don't think she's should be handling "Present Perfects" and "Present Progressives" yet!!!
will prolly continue after a year or so...

GettingThereNow said...

One last comment adn I am off to bed after that!

S is doing junior high algebra (level G) and having a very hard time. But we help her and I am sure she will overcome this plateau,as she did all others. We started Reading for her after taking a break for one year. Yes, I think if T1 gets a break from reading for a little while it won't do her any harm. Might be good actually because she can go back to it refreshed after a break.

Just curious - could BIOSET have a cure for Alopecia Areata? Just wondering if we should try that avenue for S - she has been struggling with it for 4 years now and still has a few patches on her head. Not too big or conspicuous, but I know they make her very self-conscious.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Ceekay: Just the words "junior high algebra" sounds so scary :)
i'm sure your hard work will pay off!
ya, hoping the break would do good...! She'll miss it tho!
I have a link to BioSET in my reply to asaaan...
If u'd like, I can ask the Bioset practitioner for success with Alopecia Areata...
What can I say? you are brave!! I can understand your worry...T1 has a skin condition that keeps us worried no end!
Have you had luck with homeopathy? or other natural therapies?

Preethi said...

aaw!! Poor girl.. see she is not allergic to dogs and in their world that's more important!!

Its our space said...

hey Gnd,

I'm commenting the first or may be the second time.I hopped over here from Tharini's to thank you for sharing the idea of graphic organizers. I am totally hooked to those websites. Thanks a ton.

Wow ,T1 is such a brave girl . DO they test one poke after another or is it a prick at the same time ? I ask because our household is allergy central too. My daughter had the test a few times too. She is allergic to all things dairy,all nuts,pollen,grass,weed and what not. And yes ,also has severe eczema outbreaks on some days . Do you know someone who has tried the BIOSET system and succeeded ? Its so tempting but has it really helped anyone over a long period of time ?

We tried homeopathy for a few weeks for her food allergies and eczema. It was one hell of a time but produced no result. Pls share if you know of some standard homeopathic med .

And Kumon,is it really all that it is made out to be ? I got my 5 yo started this summer but find that she doesn't like to repeat the same addition stuff so many times. Does it get better ? Whoever I ask say that it improves speed but how much speed does one need actually ?Pls pardon my ignorance.I feel very bad when i find that she is happy solving problems that are kind of challenging and involves lot more logical thinking.

sorry for the long comment - you have all my favorite issues covered here in this comment space- hence the space hogging - sorry !

Anonymous said...

oh poor girl! this reminds me that i hv to do this test again for s1 too. i hope the boiset thing works. am sure homeopathy will be a good try too. (it seems to be working for me today, btw).
kisses to my little T1.
from sis-u.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@Preethi: lol :) ya, she was so relieved!

@Mia's mom: Hi there...Your posts "Madaras Nalla Madras" and "Kurai ondrum illai" still stand out in my mind...

Thanks...T1 loves it too...and makes it very interesting for her! She won't mind doing even 10 a day of other thing i missed is one on emotions...having them draw the different emotions they discover and the page...!

What a bummer with all those allergens!! How do you manage the dairy??? It's everywhere in some form or the other!

For the skin test, they keep it all ready and handy, label the skin and the allergen samples and then poke one after the does not hurt, I think...more like an ant sting or a poke from a toothpick.
My niece has had great success with BioSET. But I know another friend who did not...I do not know if they stopped half way or other details...and also the practitioner told me that if the kids have had an anaphylactic reacion to the allergen, then chances are BioSET won't work. My friend's daughter has had anaphylactic reactions to milk...
I'm at a point where I'll be glad if her seasonal allergens go away, and her food allergies (with accidental exposure) do not end up being anaphylactic...
We are going back next weekend to discuss the details of her treatment...
Will definitely do a post soon on how the treatment goes.

I've tried ars-alb for her seasonal allergies...pretty good.
6x or 30 if mild, 200 if she has a huge flare up. ars-alb worked quite well for me and hubby too this past spring.
and spongia or hepar sulph for allergy-induced cough.
Nat-mur for eczema (as a baby)...

I agree with you on Kumon. I mainly started doing it to give "me" some discipline. If I had enof of it to sit down with her to do stuff, we'd both be much happier campers :)
And yes, the lateral thinking is much more important - Kumon seldom instills that.
I'm thinking about switching to what's called Mathwizard. It's a fraction of the cost, does similar stuff, and MOST IMPORTANT - you get to choose if you want worksheets for 3,4,or 6 days a week and pay accordingly!! I've started the pre-k version for T2, who's now 4. And, i feel there is more lateral thinking involved here...with problems like "what comes before/after a letter/number", "match the letters/numbers", "circle numbers from a list of numbers and letters", some coloring to keep it interesting for the kids, etc...
If I end up doing math and reading for both, I'll be paying about $150 a month for all.
and best of all, no classes to go to. they mail you the worksheets, and you simply fax one sheet back with the results for each day (time and number of mistakes)...

Also, for logical thinking, I've started doing these Gifted and Talented workbooks for ages 6-8 (check out in amazon), thanks to Pup's brother for saving (for 10 years) and passing some of those books to us!!

Phew!! Now you'll think twice before asking me a question, won't you??

@Sis-U: LOL about it working for you today :)
ya, i tested her after almost 3 years myself...!!
Will be sure to pass the kisses to her :)
So, when are we seeing the Cancun pictures??

Its our space said...

gnd,thank you ! you are my hero. You give so much info out for free :) I will indeed ask you plenty more questions.

About the school plan : Whats the standard procedure up in the east coast ? Does the school provide emergency care etc ? Here in CA, they advise that we provide all emergency medication to the school because they are so darn cash strapped that they don't even have Benadryl .So I have deposited 2 packs of Epipen injections for use in case of emergency,read an anaphylactic reaction. With children bringing nuts ,cheese for lunch/snacks,all I can do is pray that she returns home alright everyday and hope that the Epipen never gets used :(

Will dig deeper in to math wizard and come back with more questions :)

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

np :)
free advice is a luxury, right?
it's the same here too with medicines...we send them, OTC and prescription meds...including a consent letter from a doc...!!