Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Routine - Part I

When Pup and I started our lives together, it was just bliss!
We got into our own "routine".
I was a happy stay-at-home H4 wife!
I used to have dinner and a snack (a smoothie or salad...) ready when he got back from work.
After the light snack, we'd both be energized for a...workout.
We hardly strayed from this routine and it left us wanting more each time!
The eager waiting before, the energy surge during, and the cant-take-it-any-longer feeling afterward was to die for!
I felt so very young and alive! Wait, I WAS very young!!!

Then I started taking classes at a local Community School.
I was getting busier, so we were getting a little less on the frequency, but still kept at it really well!
Enough to make us proud of ourselves!

This on-again off-again mode continued till we had a baby!
Oh my! How that changed things!!
We started to blame everything that we could not do on our bundle of joy!!
I mean, it was a normal delivery and I was back to normal soon enough!
Why couldn't we get back on track??
I fail to understand!

How difficult can it be to set aside an hour for yourselves 3-4 times a week, if not everyday?
OK, who am I kidding?
Not an hour, at least 30 minutes?
I think it's absolutely important to make room for the warming up before and the cooling down after!

Anyways, it started getting few and far between (sigh).
Every now and then we'd be all up for it and then a big drop in the sinusoid!
I'm ashamed to say it! But that's the fact!

Then, a few months after T2 was born, I decided to stop finding excuses!
For our own sake, I needed to work this out and get back on track.

Yes!! I signed up at a nearby gym and lost 25 pounds in 2 years.
Soon I got it all back!!
The eager waiting before, the energy surge during, and the cant-take-it-any-longer feeling afterward!
I felt young and great about myself again!


Anonymous said...

good for u, baby sis..

Anonymous said...

oops.. the previous comment was from sis-u. i hit enter accidentally..

DotThoughts said...

waiting for part-2. You are asking universal Qs :) How about tennis today?

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@sis-U: ya, will get you going on some kapal bhatis this weekend!(whether you like it or not) :)

@Dottie: Aren't they?? Wish things were easier, really!