Saturday, June 14, 2008

This one's for you dear...

Dear Pup,
This Father's Day I want to send you an online message.
Where should I start, now? How about from the pre-kid days?
I don't think I have seen or heard of a more devoted, expecting-dad-to-be!
You ne'er got tired of me getting tired all the time!
Do you remember? We had decided to cut eating out for a healthy pregnancy, and there were times during your 16 hour work days when you quickly came home, cooked dinner, cleaned up and then returned to work!!!
Oh, those seemingly never-ending (to you) massages that lulled me away to sleep on more occasions than I can remember!
I can go on...and on.
If there were any moments of tension between us at that time, I sure don't remember! All the cute-sie things you did for me are all that stayed with me.

Then our beautiful T1 was born! I could see your pride, the bonding, right at the first moment! You did not just stop with procreation (for lack of a better word :)
You were (and still are) with me every step of the way. The midnight diaper changes, the 2AM feeds, the 4AM lullabies, everything!

The initial years with T1 were challenging for us as first-time parents. We were learning a lot of things through her, the virtue of patience being one!

A few years later, despite me being home during my pregnancy with T2, you showed the same level of attention and care as you did the first time around! The time that I had caught the stomach bug was quite scary, being the first trimester and all! You were quite freaked out but you helped me recover so easily and with so much caution!
You were always there when I needed a moment or two or three or well you get the point(!) and let me have some time alone and my feet up after a whole day of running around spirited, little T1.

You seemed to be quite intuitive that day when I went into labor...That was so incredible, don't you think? You were on your way to work and for some reason just turned around after driving for a few miles right after I talked to you! You must have sensed something in voice, I suppose! Anyways, I was in labor a few hours later and a few more hours later, our beautiful peanut T2 was born.

Ditto the para on all the tireless parenting efforts that you did for T1

Two months after T2 was born, I got back into the workforce doing 15-16 hours a day with the long commute and everything! I can still remember your constant encouragement and support during those trying times when I barely got to hold T2 a few minutes each day! I'm sure I would have quit a long time ago if it weren't for you! Well, I wouldn't have gotten back to work if it weren't for you in the first place!

I was able to leave the girls with you for a whole weekend, when I had to go for cuz-K's graduation! I never for one moment had to worry about them.

You know their schedule, their likes and dislikes and partake in their every activity. We do things together for them, and I love that. It may be stressful now, but I hope in the long run it will benefit us as a family.

Of course, I'm making it look like we had easy parenting...a lot of time it's been anything but. Nevertheless, we have learnt to overcome hurdles by working together, by overlooking each other's quirks and negatives and realising that our family always comes first.

You have been open to listening when I have to talk to you about parenting stuff, or about anything! You know your shortcomings, you accept them, and attempt to work on them. For that matter, I have my quirks too :)

Over the years you always have been a truly devoted dad and the girls' absolute love and affection for you are living proof of that.

I'm sure I have missed so many things that I shdda mentioned here...I guess I'll save them for future occasions :P

I know that in the midst of our demanding work and life schedule, I don't always appreciate the wonderful things you do for our girls, for me.
You are one heck of a dad, and an unbelievable husband!
We love you tonnes and more.
Happy Father's Day to you, the world's best dad (or as our girls have fondly called you over the years - adda, daddy, appa, daadda)!

With all of my love,
Yours truly...


DotThoughts said...

Happt Father's day!!! I can vouch for every single word. He makes a terrific dad. GND, maybe he could coach other on weekends??

Anonymous said...

that really is so heartfelt and touching.. a great fathers day gift for the well-deserved daddy.
from sis-u.

Preethi said...

Thats a wonderful post.. for a terrific dad!!! Happy Father's day!!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@all: Thanks guys! He is terrific, at least for the most part ;)

~nm said...

Awww..what a lovely love filled letter!