Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Mommy moments

I picked up a tag from Dottie's blog that's apparently going around the world, started by hbm. The goal is to write 5 things I love about being a mom and tag bloggers around the world for a virtual "around-the-world-travel"!

Here goes...

Growing up, I have always been commended for my patience and how I'd be a great mom and a nurse! I guess that was true until it happened to be 24/7, sometimes 38/12 when the days seemed long. I have come a long way in finding that nurturing self in me again. I'm not fully there yet and there are times when I'm totally zoned out.
But, I'm getting closer and I know it is going to involve a lot of hard work on my part!
So, how does this make me feel good?
Because my girls are helping me find my nurturing self again.
Maybe not nurse-good, but...

Definitely the hugs and kisses!!
Those hugs can make me forget any rotten day or foul mood.
I know they are going to get fewer and they are not gonna want me anywhere within a 10-ft radius pretty soon...(hoping not!!)

Every single milestone they've crossed has brought a smile - however early or late it may have happened! T1 and T2 make me proud EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know I may not acknowledge this everyday and that I'm their worst critic, but I'm also their BESTEST. From their very first grand entrance to their toothless grins to their first words to their first steps, and their indecipherable drawings (that they've made for me to display at work) to their master-pieces (ahem), to their lovely voices...
They've managed to enchant me with all of it and I know they can never cease to amaze me!
Of course, there's also the goof-ups...but I'm learning to be more positive about them ;-)

They have made my faith stronger than they can ever imagine! Through all the ups and downs, the health scares, they have helped me turn to THE powerful force many a time. And everytime I've done that, I've found myself having better clarity of thought.

Most importantly, being a mom has made me appreciate my own mom so much more than ever! I cannot even begin to reach up to her levels of sacrifice and endurance and love. Love you amma!!
And, love you dear T1 and T2.

Now for what I really love about being a mom -
1. having two live dolls to dress up everyday
2. getting to cut their hair
3. all the pizza we get to order now
4. driving myself crazy planning their birthdays and other "enriching" activities for them
5. absolutely the hugs and kisses! that part is a cant-do-without.

again, shhhhhh...

And, now I'd like to introduce and tag my friend, Meenakshi to take this up.

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