Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History is made...

Congratulations, Mr.President!

History is made...and it caused a whopping $150 million dent!

Agree that most of these expenses came from donations and Not from the tax-payers' pockets.
Agree that Bush spent about the same (he raised about $42 million but the total expenses were about the same).
Agree that Obama probably needs a lot more security than his predecessors, if for no other reason, only to handle the 2 million audience.
Agree that this is one of the most historic events in my lifetime.

But none of that simply justifies the spending in this economy! Isn't he supposed to be just like the rest of us? So why did he approve of this spending when I and every other citizen in the U.S. is thinking twice before making even a simple indulgence?

Obama did cut some corners with the celebrations, but wish it had been more...

My respect for him and more importantly trust in him would have grown exponentially if he had cut down more than he did and kept it simple enough. That in my opinion would have made this an even more Historic and Memorable Event!

I am hoping that this spending becomes negligible when the Economy gets a boost and makes my vote worth it.

Nevertheless, Congratulations, Mr.President!!


Anonymous said...

I did read about it a couple of days back, and that almost all the money was not tax-payer money. Excessive – maybe. But, in periods of recession, one of the main ways to combat it is usually thru government spending – infrastructure, wars (!) etc. that create jobs. So, even if some of the $150MM made it way into the hands of someone who otherwise would have been unemployed or really needed the money, then it's not all bad.

DotThoughts said...


Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@anonymous: Thanks for this perspective! Makes me feel a whole lot better, really!!
@Dottie: I just gave you some fodder to feed on, din't I??

noon said...

Exactly what me and my sister were discussing the other day...I just don't get it. Why $150 million?! I wish I could directly ask him about it!