Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Quips...

A short and sweet note with a couple of laughs -

T1's first PJ - The poor girl has been trying hard for a while now to devise her own joke...and we, laugh along just to humor her...if not for the joke, surely for her question at the end - "Get it??"
But she finally made one up.

Why does a duck quack?

Because it can't Moo! That's why!!

I was doing a MathWizard worksheet with T2. The problem was to circle what's odd.
There was a cat, a dog, a bear, an elephant and an airplane.
T2 took a good look at it, thought for a second and confidently said, "The Animals!"
Who can argue with that?


Preethi said...

lol... at both .. they are so cute!

DotThoughts said...

she will be fine. she is a bright, mature kid. she will be just ok. don't worry yourself so much. As for easing the morning routine, can't you drop her to school? It might buy you 15 mins of time!

DotThoughts said...

rotfl. talk about thinking outside the box :)

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

@ Preethi: Thanks...will let them know :)
@Dottie: I thought about that...but considering the long kiss-and-go line outside the school (as you know, kids living within 1 mile of the school are on their own), I'll prolly end up spending more time outside the school at the drop off...

Plus, I can't deny her the pleasure of going in the big Yellow bus! That's what wakes her up! (and T2 too - she doesn't want to akka to miss her bus)

T2 surprises us when we least expect it! Really a kiddo of contrasts, this one!